On September the eleventh of September 2001, (9/11) nineteen al-Qaeda terrorists hi-jacked four airplanes from US airports. Two of the planes (flights 11 and 175) crashed into both World Trade Center towers, bringing both structures down. Another of the planes (flight 77) crashed later into the Pentagon, causing extensive damage.

The final plane (terrorist target was speculated to be the White House) was the only craft that didn’t hit it’s final destination on that fateful day. The passengers of flight 93 heard the news of the other plane crashes, they bravely overcame the Hijackers. Yet with no pilot the plane soon crashed into the state of Pennsylvania. Over 3,000 people died that September day, including the people trapped in the buildings, the firefighters/police who went in to save them and the people on the three aircrafts.

Even though this story sounds believable – though tragic, up to a third of Americans believe (poll carried out by the Scripps Survey Research Center at the University of Ohio) that there is something fishy about the scientific facts behind the official 9/11 story stated above.

These 9/11 conspiracy theorists theorize that the government was at least partially to blame, ranging from just knowing about the impending attacks on 9/11, to creating them.

Is America really that desperate to create a New World Order, to destroy the biggest buildings in the world? Or is this conspiracy just a load of codswallop?

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