Comment on 9/11 Conspiracy Theory: Stand Down Order by Brian.

Yessiree bob! now I am convinced!!! Our esteemed colleague, a 17 year old with ALL the answers, KNOWS BEYOND A SHADOW OF A DOUBT, that there was no conspiracy. Well that does it for me.
Seriously? The two ‘national landmarks’ of which you speak were insured just weeks before the “attacks” for approximately 10 times what Larry Sapperstein, a “Dubya” cohort paid for them. In any crime, the number one rule is follow the money and who stands to gain the most.
Have you even looked at photos of the Pentagon after it was ‘attacked’? There is no way a plane hit that building. And why was there an army of suits walking the grounds searching for debris within an hour of impact. What kind of debris were they looking for? Were they looking for the suitcases, body parts, pieces of clothing…none of which were EVER found? hmmm
And my last question is the biggie: It is now almost 50 years since our President, while the country watched, was assassinated in Dealy Plaza, Dallas Texas. No one has yet to be charged with the shooting. 50 years! Yet about 45 minutes after the ‘attacks’ of September 11, 2001 our government said they knew who did it, how it was done, and why. Really? 8 billion people on the planet, approximately 10% of them Muslim, and bin Ladin’s name is the first one that comes up? Come on man…
As was suggested, do some research…read David Griffins A New Pearl Harbor…watch Loose Change…
and in 10 years or so when you have a little more information to share do please come back.
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