Comment on Apollo Moon Landing Hoax – More Photographic Proof by Jessyka.

I believe the Apollo moon landings were real – this does not mean I take everything said about it being real and hold it on a pedestal. I find many conspiracies are tautological, and therefore void in their arguments. I always look for clear evidence that can be verified before believing any conspiracy theory or reason for the moon landings being real. At the minute, the burden of the evidence lies with the moon landings being real (where would you place a set (for the moon landings being ‘filmed’ in a ‘studio’) that large without someone noticing it?) so therefore I go with that theory. So I did give it some open thought as you suggested, and reached a different conclusion to you. Why are you having a go at people for having a different opinion to you? You can say you believe it’s a conspiracy – that’s fine by me. I find it despicable that you seek the need to try to convert EVERYONE into thinking the moon landings are fake. That isn’t open thought, which you seem to hold in high esteem.