Comment on Apollo Moon Landing Hoax – Photographic Evidence by flg.

i will admit i am not an educated man but i have a few questions about the supposed moon landing who was filming armstrong as he was taking his first step on the moon tv signals had to be transmitted from tower to tower with many watts of power on earth how did they have enough power to send their signal from the moon, let alone power all of their life support equipment. if the astronauts could not walk on the moon without space suits how were the conditions in the lunar lander any different how did they take off their helments to eat and drink. and the moon buggy was it battery powered it sure ran for a long time without charging. i dont believe an internal combustion engine would work on the moon being there is no oxygen there. if it took a rocket full of fuel to break the earths gravitational pull and reach cruising speed to go to the moon would it not take 10 times as long get back to earth with less fuel and speed 69 years before the moon landing we were horse and buggying it it has been 40 years since the moon landing why have we not gone to mars or the moons of jupiter where we have more to gain scientificaly i thought the moon was going to be a base camp for such missions. the billions of dollars they wasted on faking the moon landing they could have won the vietnam war. how come they did not send a man to mars instead of a rover it would have been cheaper wouldnt they have sent a rover to the moon first instead of risking lives. speaking of lives neil armstrong buzz alderan those sound like hollywood names. they probably tried to go to the moon with another group of astronauts but why would they show them not making it or dieing horribly so they faked the footage we see to day just in case they failed on the real mission, which they did…..