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This has only been answered a dozen times already.

Short answer: $$$$$$$. That’s the primary reason. The Apollo program cost something like $180 bn in 2010 dollars. While that’s a drop in the bucket relative to the entire Federal budget, it’s more than Congress is willing to pay for something that isn’t related to defense or social programs. The ISS will continue to suck up all manned spaceflight dollars until it’s deorbited.

Other reasons: the manned program is a mess. NASA’s been jerked around so many different directions over the last 40 years that it has no direction or vision anymore. The manned program has no mission other than to perpetuate itself.

I don’t expect the new Space Launch System to fly, at least not beyond the prototype stage (similar to the Ares 1X from the now-defunct Constellation program). It exists solely to preserve jobs in the legacy Shuttle manufacturing sector. SpaceX’s Falcon Heavy won’t be able to do the job, at least not in a single launch. And somebody has to build the spacecraft to get there and back.

All that aside, manned spaceflight isn’t easy; you have to shift a lot of mass, meaning big rockets with powerful engines, meaning lots of $$$$$$. You have to build robust spacecraft with lots of redundancy.

And there’s just no compelling reason to send people to the Moon (or anywhere else, frankly). We could learn much so much more about the lunar surface with far less effort using unmanned systems, especially considering the advances in the last 40 years. Look at the Mars exploration program for an example of how much can be accomplished using unmanned systems, both on the surface and in orbit.

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Apollo Moon Landing Hoax – Photographic Evidence

Why didn’t Russia attempt to disprove that we ever made it?

Maybe because we actually made it.

The US was the only country that succeeded, but we weren’t the only ones with the capability. Had Korolev not died in ’66 (and …

Apollo Moon Landing Hoax – Photographic Evidence

Sure we did. It’s not like ’69 was the freaking dark ages. We’d been making pressure suits since the ’50s. The Apollo hardsuits were expensive and sophisticated, but not at all beyond the reach of technology at …

Apollo Moon Landing Hoax – Photographic Evidence

But what about the facts that prove they didn’t land. Shadows, camera focus, lighting, dust being pulled down to a rate equivalent to the Earth’s gravity.

People have been explaining on these pages and elsewhere why these “facts” mean nothing of …

Nazis and NASA

Von Braun was a member of the Nazi party and a commissioned SS officer. He claimed that he joined solely so that he could continue his research (the Nazis banned all civilian rocket research); other people have disputed that …

Apollo Moon Landing Hoax – Photographic Evidence


“There’s no way to expose for the lunar surface *and* the stars in the same image”

That should read, “There’s no way to expose for the *sunlit* lunar surface *and* the stars in the same image”.

Obviously, if you’re taking …

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Who panned the camera?

His name was Ed Fendell, a controller in Houston in charge the remotely-controlled camera on the LRV.

Yes, he had to take the signal delay into account – he had to anticipate the liftoff and rate of ascent. …

Apollo Moon Landing Hoax

It doesn’t have to be pretty to work.

The foil acted as a thermal blanket, reflecting as much of the sunlight as possible to keep the base of the LM from overheating. The foil was only about 125 microns thick, …

Apollo Moon Landing Hoax – Scientific Evidence

The blueprints *weren’t* destroyed; they’re on file at the Marshall Space Flight Center in Huntsville, AL. Not that it matters; we couldn’t build the Saturn V today if we wanted to, because most of the technology it used is …

Apollo Moon Landing Hoax – More Photographic Proof

Did you know that many of the people involved in the moon landing died from a car crash?

Upwards of 90 people die *every day* in car crashes in the US; it’s not at all surprising that a lot people “involved …

Apollo Moon Landing Hoax – Camera Problems

It’s not a C, it’s an O.

And it *looks* like some kind of inclusion (a pebble embedded in a slightly softer matrix rock). It looks like the surrounding matrix has eroded a bit, leaving a small channel around the …