Comment on Apollo Moon Landing Hoax – Scientific Evidence by dannie walton.

NASA think that the American public is stupid. Now let me prove to NASA how stupid they are. There’s only one way to prove to me that man actually landed on the moon. Remember the flag that they planted on the moon? Remember the Lunar Rover they was driving around in on the moon? If they went to the moon and back then these two objects should still be on the moon right? If scientist can show me the flag and the Rover which they didn’t bring back to earth, then I would be convinced. The most powerful telescope on earth can’t show you these objects. Why? Because they don”t exist. Show me the flag and I’ll be convinced along with the other idiots that actually believe that this moon landing happen. And furthermore, The technology that was available then wouldn’t have allowed man to travel to the moon. Remember this was 1969, not 2009.