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The blueprints *weren’t* destroyed; they’re on file at the Marshall Space Flight Center in Huntsville, AL. Not that it matters; we couldn’t build the Saturn V today if we wanted to, because most of the technology it used is hopelessly obsolete and no longer manufactured. A clean-sheet design would be quicker and *probably* cheaper.

And no, the SLS is not a clean-sheet design; the SLS is a jobs program designed to keep the legacy Shuttle hardware manufacturing sector employed, so it uses a lot of recycled Shuttle technology (the SRBs, the RS-25 engines, etc.). The Falcon family of rockets from SpaceX would count as a clean-sheet design (and they’re *incredibly* cheap compared to rockets in the same class), but even the Falcon Heavy couldn’t support a lunar mission, at least not with a single launch.

If SpaceX ever winds up building the methalox BFR thrustmonster, however, *that* could support a manned lunar mission pretty easily (after all, its supposed to send people to frickin’ Mars, the Moon’s like around the corner by comparison). And it will still probably be cheaper than SLS.

I don’t know what you mean about “first generation photographic evidence” – you mean the slides and negatives? AFAIK, those are still intact.

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Apollo Moon Landing Hoax – Scientific Evidence

Now let me prove to NASA how stupid they are.

Ah, proof. Would that more people understood what constituted “proof”. “You can’t explain that” isn’t proof, especially when, yes, we can explain it.

The most powerful telescope on earth can’t …

Apollo Moon Landing Hoax – Scientific Evidence

This question has been answered several times by myself and others, but it basically boils down to 3 things, mainly:

1. $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$. Everything boils down to money, as in, too goddamned much of. Manned lunar missions are fiendishly …

Apollo Moon Landing Hoax – Scientific Evidence

Which tests? Citations, please.

The following report has been discussed elsewhere in the thread:

Here was the conclusion:

The effects of radiation for STS-48 are apparent in the final images produced
by the high speed (above 400 ASA) flight …

Apollo Moon Landing Hoax – Scientific Evidence

However, they show flame even from a large distance. The NASA videos show no flame from a close distance

What do you mean by “large distance” and “close distance”? Are you talking about altitude?

My point with the Falcon …

Apollo Moon Landing Hoax – Scientific Evidence

Flame in rocket exhuast varies depending on ambient pressure and fuel type.

Go to SpaceX’s web site ( and check out the launch videos for the Falcon 9. As the booster ascends into the upper atmosphere, the ambient …

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Who panned the camera?

His name was Ed Fendell, a controller in Houston in charge the remotely-controlled camera on the LRV.

Yes, he had to take the signal delay into account – he had to anticipate the liftoff and rate of ascent. …

Apollo Moon Landing Hoax

It doesn’t have to be pretty to work.

The foil acted as a thermal blanket, reflecting as much of the sunlight as possible to keep the base of the LM from overheating. The foil was only about 125 microns thick, …

Apollo Moon Landing Hoax – More Photographic Proof

Did you know that many of the people involved in the moon landing died from a car crash?

Upwards of 90 people die *every day* in car crashes in the US; it’s not at all surprising that a lot people “involved …

Apollo Moon Landing Hoax – Camera Problems

It’s not a C, it’s an O.

And it *looks* like some kind of inclusion (a pebble embedded in a slightly softer matrix rock). It looks like the surrounding matrix has eroded a bit, leaving a small channel around the …

Apollo Moon Landing Hoax – More Photographic Proof

Some futher googling indicates that the original Saturn V plans are stored at MSFC in Huntsville, AL (which would make sense); however, the source I found isn’t authoritative (it’s a forum discussion with no links), so don’t take that as …