Whether the conspiracy was possible or if there was a motive for faking the landings, is a big part of the moon hoax.

Many conspiracy debunkers say that there was no reason for the US to fake the moon landings.

This is false, as at the time America was publicly losing the space race, as Russia had put the:

First man/woman in space.
First animal in space.
First three person mission in space.
And the first space station in orbit.

Even though these landmarks were achieved using crude methods, (i.e. putting a man on a rocket or adding a extra man on a two maned spaceship) to the public eye, it would seem as if the US were losing the space race. And ‘IF’, and only if the US couldn’t put a man on the moon in time, then the deadline that JFK set, and public pressure, could have forced the government to fake a moon landing.

So the US did have a motive for faking a moon landings, but how would NASA have carried out this enormous conspiracy?

There are two options: Wide spread and Minimal.

Wide Spread Conspiracy

In this hoax imagine that you are the contractors, NASA tells you about the moon landing conspiracy and pays you for your services that your not giving. You make announcement to the public telling them that your making rocket parts. (This is for the share holders.) Then at the first day of work you tell everybody in the factory that their not really making rocket parts, and that if they play this out they’ll be set for life. Employees that don’t comply get stern death threats from NASA officials.

The advantage to this is type of conspiracy is, no real equipment has to be made, except for a rocket to go up and a lander to come down.

The disadvantage to this is how many people are told about the conspiracy. At one point over half a million people were involved in the Apollo project at one time, and the conspiracy believers are saying that no one came forward even on their death beds (dead men/women can not be killed) and out of all of those people nobody saw a sense of duty to tell the people of their country the truth!!

Also were are all of the people who worked at Apollo and are now living it up with their “keep quiet” money (if you can find any millionaires, that worked at places like Rocketdyne, at the time that the rockets were being made (or not), they got their money from no apparent source, and their around about 50+ please notify me at moonhoax@gmail.com.)

Minimal Conspiracy

In this conspiracy only the top people of NASA are told. The good news about this, is that these people work for NASA, so the secret will die with them.

The bad news is the contractors will think that their making real rocket parts, and so they will make a flight worthy rocket, and even though the NASA quality control wont care if the rocket works, the contractors will, and will notice if their is something wrong with their merchandise, so NASA’s rockets would be flight worthy, and if so, there would be no reason to fake the moon landings.

But many conspirators say that NASA just told the people what to make, and they made it.

Think about it, NASA hire these people because they know there stuff. Even a junior engineer, wouldn’t need the full picture of the space craft designs to make their own bit of the rocket.

All this doesn’t make sense. Unless, it wasn’t the rockets themselves that were wrong, but something else that wouldn’t work, (i.e. they couldn’t stop radiation damage ((see above))) then the contractors could build a space worthy rocket to get to the moon, without them knowing that their was some unforeseen problem. BUT this would cost a lot of money for something that would never be used.

Keeping the Moon Conspiracy Alive

But there is one smudge, on the squeaky clean slate of NASA’s record. If we sent 6 manned spacecraft to the moon in ten years, then why in 30 years with so many technological advances haven’t we been back once? NASA says that there was a budget cut and this can be explained for the first 10 years after the Apollo missions, because of the build up of nuclear weapons (due to the cold war) would have cost money that could have been taken away from NASA.

But what about the other twenty years? Some people say that the risks are too high to justify another moon landing, but there will always be somebody ready and willing to risk it all, for the good of mankind and scientific advancement. A possibility is we still don’t have the technology to go to the moon, because we didn’t go to the moon in the first place.

Moon Conspiracy Conclusion

In my opinion, the Apollo moon landings were most probably real. There will always be an unease in my mind by the fact that we have never been back. But the conspiracy believers haven’t given ‘conclusive’ proof, that isn’t available without a price. :-))

Conspiracy status: A popular fantasy tale

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