Comment on Apollo Moon Landing Hoax by Kozz.

Hey Joe why waste your time reading stuff on the internet looking for people to argue with, go get a life. or better yet an education

I don’t believe that NASA landed on the moon. That doesn’t make me a “conspiracy theorist” or a “hoax believer,” just a serious skeptic who finds the evidence contrary. Hoax-debunkers miss the point: the burden of proof is on NASA. They say things like, the flags motion could have been harmonic motion caused by Armstrong moving it (I’ve run the video over and over and I don’t think that fits). They say photographic anomalies could have been caused by earth light or color bleeding. These are weak rebuttals because they are possibilities, not certainties.
It’s not incumbent on the unbeliever to prove anything, simply to keep an open mind to the most convincing evidence. I am not convinced.
I certainly believe the government could pull off such a hoax, especially compartmentalized as it is. Big scandals like Watergate, Iran-contra, and the small number of people who admitted to knowing about them – even when they were uncovered and prosecuted – convince me it’s possible. NASA hasn’t shown it impossible just yet, and seems arrogant to not even be trying. Its attitude seems to be that anyone who mistrusts the government is a moron. Rather, anyone who trusts the government implicitly is naive.