Comment on Apollo Moon Landing Hoax by Richard Greaves.

In the movie Casino Royale James Bond crashes into a dome. Inside are 2 men in astronaut gear ‘floating’ around as if they were in the moon’s atmosphere, weightless. The ceiling of the inside of the dome is painted to look as if it were black space, with stars, earth, etc. Bond isn’t affected by lack of gravity, since there is no lack of it, and steals the moon vehicle and crashes out of the dome into a parking lot and escapes. This book, as were all the first 007 books, was written by Ian Fleming, who had been in British intelligence before the James Bond books. The dome is owned by Willard White, a rich industralist of some type who lives in the top of a motel in Vegas, and hasn’t been seen in 3 years. The major plot of the movie is White has been kidnapped. Sounds like Howard Hughes. Hughes was credited for cooperating with the CIA in building a boat to recover a lost Soviet sub. Maybe Ian Fleming was giving us a hint.