Comment on Apollo Moon Landing Hoax by DogsHead.

Hey Kozz, why do you think that it is up to NASA to prove something you would think has conclusive proof, in the form of thousands of hours of footage and stills, independantly varified telemetry and Lunar samples? Don’t you think the burden of proof would lie with those who are in effect saying “ok, well APART from all that, what evidence do you have?”
This is the one popular idea that just flummoxes me: every time I see these arguements, I ask – what about the fricken rocks man? They cannot be faked, they could not be picked up by a remote rover. One of them is the size of your head. It’s just ludicrous.
Oh and Mike B: That is not proof. That is called ignorance. They have not imaged the rovers with Hubble, those images are from orbiting satellites. Orbiting mars, that is.