Comment on Apollo Moon Landing Hoax by Heinrick Van de Fordern.

Greetings fellow forum readers. I am about to reveal a conspiracy so crazy that you may not believe it. IT began in 0 AD Jesus Christ was born and with his birth a massive explosion of holiness happened blasting a hole in the carpet covering earth. Now you may be thinking ‘hold on a minute Heninrick Van de Fodern, a carpet round earth?’ but yes it is true. In 7000BC a Alien time traveler saw a future human movie called ‘Bruno’ after seeing it he was so disgusted that he thought no other Quanisialorian should have to watch it and so covered it in a pitch black blanket and constantly watcher it surrounding it by torches with only one original hole… The sun. He watches us all the time through the ‘sun’. Anyway the moon was a hole in the blanket. This is why it is bright.