Comment on Apollo Moon Landing Hoax by Moon Hoax Retards.

This comment is for those with a good grip on reality but are puzzled with some of the Moonhoaxtards claims.

Myth Busters did an excellent set of episodes explaining the strange behavior of the flags, the light anomalies, and a few others.
I admit, I was intrigued by the hoax claims at first.
But when I watched Myth Busters, it made perfect sense.

I have no interest in trying to convert the die hard moon hoaxers.
You can’t fix stupid.
Nor do I wish to get into a completely pointless debate with morons.
This comment is solely for the people sitting on the fence with regards to the debate.

Do a search on Youtube for Myth Busters moon landing hoax.

I’m sure this comment will get lots of nasty replies.
That’s why I have no intention of coming back to this comment section.
So Moonhoaxtards, fire away.
Maybe even pretend your computer monitor is my head and punch it in.