Comment on Apollo Moon Landing Hoax by Mojo filter.

Shouldn’t MASA had figured all of this out for our “moon men”??? Supposedly Astronauts were sent up in a HUGE solar flare cycle and yet they are alright???

“The proposed strategy directed at NSF, NASA, and also NOAA is one that recognizes the increased societal importance of solar and space physics, and how important it is to tackle these new opportunities with a diverse set of tools – from miniature satellites like cubesats to moderate and large missions,” Zurbuchen said.

The primary scientific goals established by the decadal survey are:

To investigate the origins of the sun’s activity and to study solar variations.
To examine the relationship between the sun and Earth by studying variability in Earth’s magnetosphere, ionosphere and atmosphere in response to solar and terrestrial activity.
To understand how the sun interacts with the interstellar medium and other bodies in the solar system.
To characterize the processes that occur in the heliosphere and throughout the universe.

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