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a.navaneethakrishnan wrote:
if others dont believe the stepping up of man on to the moon then why dont nasa can prepare other project and send one more person to prove that they are right.

The answer to that question is another question: Why bother?
Just to go up there and prove it can be done is silly, since we are talking about risking a persons life just to go “I told you so”. It also wouldn’t prove anything since the conspiracy theorists would still say they didn’t do it in 1969, and we only just had the technology to go up to the moon, AKA: The conspiracy is still possibly valid.

There are only two real reason for continuing the moon landings:
1: The moon is mineral rich. If a technique can be devised for getting the minerals off the moon and onto earth, it would make whatever country who did it very rich.

2: Exploration of Mars. Making a moon base would knock three days off of the journey, making the trips a lot less expensive. Also the lower gravity would mean less take off fuel is needed, again less money spent. Also making a moon base would be a better testing ground then a Mars base. Since the moon is closer to the earth and can be change faster if needed.

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Apollo Moon Landing Hoax

What is it with the conspiracy non believers assuming this website is run by a conspiracy theory believer?

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Apollo Moon Landing Hoax

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Apollo Moon Landing Hoax

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Wake up and open your eyes you mindless zombies

Yep, those are the ways conspiracists get you to believe in conspiracy theories without presenting real evidence.

I own this website, find an article (not a comment) where any of those techniques are used.

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