Comment on Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria Assassination Conspiracy Theories by shadowmanfan.

I read the history of the assassination of Ferdinad on Wikipedia. It states that
a group called the BLACK HAND were responsible. There were like 5 of them, one supposedly a Muslim. Had a Arab name anyway. They were Bosnians,who wanted him dead because they felt he would have given the Croats more leeway.
Wikipedia goes on to say how they did it.The Arab failed to kill the Prince,by shooting. They all blundered and failed, but the leader killed him in the end.
Welll, then I watched the BBC documentary of it on the Discovery channel. Completely different, and supposedly more fact than Wikipedia.
The Arab was supposed too throw a grenade in the carriage as it passed but he just watched it go by. The other member blundered as did the rest. The leader waited until the carriage came around again then killed the prince himself. The offenders were rounded up and tortured and killed.
The first world War was started over the Versailles treaty. It was really unfair.Hitler saw that that under that treaty Germany lose lots of its land it fore owned.The french were coming into Germany demanding money, or taxes, the Jews owned everything, while Germans fell into an economic dung hole.

All he wanted was Germany for Germans. at that point he WASN’T anti Jew, even though lots of propaganda was floating around Germany at that time. Because he fought under the command of Jews in WW1.During action as a runner, he suffered in a gas attack, which really effected him severely. He really wanted to be an artist… but the doctor he was seeing for treatment suggested he become a Politician. He considered it. This particular doctor yelled at him a lot, was always in his face. Which eventually drove him nuts. He went on to follow his new dream, as a political figure. He was influenced by the sadistic maniacs he hire. As he knew they could do the job and bring Germany back to power,along with him. He WAS an egomaniac. Watch Hitlers videos on Youtube with subtitles, as you will see he really wanted Germany to be all powerful again. Then he was influenced by Mussolini, the FIRST FASCIST of that era. So Hitler THEM became a fascist like IL DULCE but did it all better.

IL DULCE’s army were weak, under equipped, pretty useless compared to Hitlers. He used Mussolini, and grew to get sick of him and his failures. The Father of a prominent Muslim told Hitler he would supply them all the oil they needed for their desert campaigns if they promised to bomb and kill all the Jews. Hitler didn’t really want to or care, so he ignored them. Supposedly Muslims were recruit into the WERMACHT.

Hitlers army. The sadistic bullies,masochists,and homosexual, Hitler had as his enforcers like Goebels etc suggested he do certain military tactics they’d created, he just changed them slightly and they worked better.

Watch the BBC documentaries to get the real facts….When they stormed Hitler’s Bunker,their was a decoy,a lookalike dead in a barrel, all dressed up like Hitler. But apparently Hitlers body was found by Russians in a ditch not far from the decoy. With Eva Braun.They both then had been doused in gasoline,and burned. Then the Russians played cat and mouse with it for years. Moving it here there and everywhere. They burnt his body so much, that only a small remainder of his skull has been found. The man was a military genius, and a madman.

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