Comment on Area 51 Conspiracy Theories by tess.

how do you know only 2 people know whats really going on??
all these theories and stories about aliens and ufos may be true, but the government will never let us know the real story. maybe it is just an airbase that just has massive amounts of secruity just incase other countries get their hands on whatever it is they are testing and use it against them, america would never let something like that happen no matter the cost. there is no way of really knowing and there is no way the government will ever let the secrets out.
although many of the things the government says are a bit suss,thru the grape vine of people telling stories and putting their own opinions on the issue it gets muddled and exagerrated. i reckon ufos and aliens could be real but they could also not be and we could just be wasting our time haha