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We all kno that area 51 is a base of secrecy.snipers at the perimeter of the base. Base underground out in the middle of no where. They have technology that is 25 years ahead of our time..recolecting from all the stories ive read, aliens do exist but this particular base holds them deep underground..they are trying to mix human DNA with theres. Now u tell me if thats secret enough for u…all the UFO sightings is a military experiment.. Dnt u get it, they built those aircrafts it wasnt real aliens in them…..area 51 has more money than u kno the government backs them up on everything an wen something is not suppose to be seen they declassify it an remove it frm the face of the earth..tell me if thats enough knowledge for you.

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WTC Destruction or Demolition? 9/11 Conspiracy Theory

And the circle on the photo is an explosion frm controlled demolition which were set on different floors to make the buildings collapse like they did…i believe there was someone in the street somewhere that had a button to press …

WTC Destruction or Demolition? 9/11 Conspiracy Theory

All of this is plane culd have brought those buildings dwn its was made if steel which can also withstand temperatures up to 1000 degrees. A bomb exploded underground before the towers collapsed..but what ppl dnt kno is …