Comment on Area 51 Conspiracy Theories by a curious 16 year old.

i agree with the whole coming to earth to explore and stuff but i also think its to do with the book “i am number four” by Pittacus Lore. i think that another reason that e.t. beings are coming to earth because their own world is experiencing global warming issues and destroying their own planet like earth but at a more severe rate. so i think that their world is much older than ours and that would explain the whole advanced technology, severe global warming and probably an early armageddon, as more advanced technology means more factories exploring them so the more air pollution their will be so thay are then putting their advanced technology to use by traveling to another planet where it not yet severely affected by global warming as much as theirs and asking to see the leader so they can warn them about the mistakes that they have made and telling us to never do the same