Comment on Bible Conspiracy Theory by Briwi.

Wow – hot topic. Ok, here’s where I stand. I used to be a hardcore Christian and was since childhood. Now I’m quite a few years older (and hopefully wiser) I see things differently.

Jesus, Mohammed and Budda were all real people and prophets of God. There may be one God or there may be many, but there definitely is a higher power. Someone once calculated that the world and everything in it having come about as a result of a Big Bang was the mathematic equivalent a printing press exploding and creating a dictionary! That’s why I do believe we are all here for a reason.

As far as Christianity is concerned, the modern Bible which is commonly used was censored and put together by Roman leaders. Therefore it cannot be considered an accurate historical account as it is highly likely that many available books, chapters or texts were omitted or even possibly completely made up.

We must all remember that we are all the same colour underneath the skin and we all bleed red. Discrimination on the basis of race, sexual orientation or religion is a reflection on ourselves.

The Universe is infinite and so is the Greater Power that guides us all.