Comment on Bible Conspiracy Theory by ev.

the creation of religion is an atempt by man to move from being barbarians to become good people.this worked in part but people took it too far. the bible and other holy books are a guide of how to be a good person, times have changed and still people use theese outdated guides. jesus probably did exist as the bastard child of a teenager and a man probably in his fifties or sixties. jesus was not the first christ, christ is just a title that means the annointed one, like john the baptist was christ.the bible as known today was put together by the pagan constatine hundreds of years after the death of jesus. he did this as romans were swaying to christianity from being pagans, as christianity gives hope to thoose who had little say that the words of the bible is the total truth sounds crazy. hundreds of years after his death this book was put together by for you who say you feel soory for thoose who don’t believe, don’t worry. most religion is evil. most wars have part in religion christianity being top with oil cathching up. religion gives believers, and i mean true believers, tunnel vision. they go through life in one direction something bad happens and it’s the devil’s work or part of god’s PLAN. thoose who lead there lives this way just refuse to see things for what they are. people make good and bad decisions all of the time, and should take responsibility for that. god does not help a man save his drowning child, nor more does the devil make people murder. i could not go to court and say, ” oh i stole that car because it was part of gods PLAN”, and then just walk free because i swore on the bible. the whole concept of religion is outdated and that’s why i’m an atheist thank god