Comment on Bible Conspiracy Theory by educated.

For anybody that is interested in conspirisies i strongly recommend that you educate yourself in the all the texts mentioned and others of the same topic or time and also the the political context of the times. It is really easy to read a passage and come to a conclusion other than what historians have or other groups like the Vatican if you look at it with a modern perspective rather than an understanding of what was going on at the times. So to argue that Jesus did not die on the cross is to assume that the religious authorities who constantly were bad talked by Jesus were in on the conspiracy and the roman centurion who crucified Jesus did not know how to do their job. As for Jesus only taking 9 hours to die consider that he spent 40 days of fasting the was beaten, flogged, and had fallen under the weight of a beam several times before he was actually nailed to the cross. Crucifixion i will not could take anywhere from a day to two weeks to kill the victim depending on the method. Also stab wounds tend to kill people and a roman in the army would be good at it. As for the use of aloe ancient people did not understand all of the properties of what they use to treat wounds. As for the discipleship in hiding they were not under anyone protection except the owner of the house and the fact that Jesus got in the room at all should prove that he wasn’t descised because with the doors and windows barred nobody could enter. Please forgive the spelling in my rant as i am no good at it and also understand that when facts are misrepresented in a theory just ticks me off.