Comment on Bible Conspiracy Theory by Mike41.

Start at the beginning of the Bible, use a Strong’s Concordance and a Gesenius Hebrew lexicon and a Thayer’s Greek lexicon. They are number coded to every word in the KJV. You can look up the definition of any word. You’ll be surprise how many translation errors are in Scripture.
Next, make sure you have a red letter cross reference Bible. Then allow several hours a day for study. The Bible says to study and show thyself approved, rightly dividing the truth from error.
Also plan on studying Astronomy, Archaeology, Egyptology, in fact, all the “ologies”. Then you will have just scratched the surface of theology.
Jesus Christ said “my flock is a little flock.”, “unto you is given to know the mysteries of the kingdom”, unto them (who?) it is not given.
Enjoy your studies and remember there are begotten children of the spirit who are the sons of God (Luke 3:38) and there are created peoples of the flesh. Which are you?

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