Comment on CIA Conspiracy Theories by john hancock.

To be blunt, your post makes me lose faith in society. Before you go off getting upset about the government, please do background checks and make sure your statements are accurate. It is not the government who is holding off on creating new currency. If we circulated billions of new bills into our economy, it would not help our country but hinder it even more. Our paper money is backed by the gold standard, meaning that somewhere around $11,880 is what will buy you one pound of gold. This is an extreme amount! A single person in one year on average would not even be able to buy half of a brick of gold, which weighs 27 pounds approximately. Understand, there is not a whole lot of gold to begin with, which is why inflation has partly occurred. There is not enough to gold to back every single dollar bill in circulation already, and by adding more paper currency without the support of more gold would hinder the economy. Please, don’t be pompous and arrogant, research first before making blunt, idiotic comment.