Comment on Elvis Presley Conspiracy Theories by ayaz.

I researched and discovered that thousands of people believed Elvis Presley had not died but used death as a hoax to become a “free man.”Several theories point to the conclusion of a hoax death. One of them is that the body of Elvis at the funeral was actually a wax dummy. Another theory was that several people saw Elvis’s body having beads of sweat at the funeral whereas a dead body’s glands completely shut off,embalming the fluids in the body. A third theory says that when a women was walking into a pet shop she walked by a blue car containing a lovely dog in the passenger seat. when she entered the store she asked who owned the animal. A man with gray hair turned and said it was his. The woman noticed something familiar in his voice. Only after he left did she realized that the voiced sounded like Presley. Since his supposedly faked death in 1977 there have been thousands of alleged sightings of ‘the King’ all over the world.