Comment on Elvis Presley Conspiracy Theories by Boomer.

Regarding the comments by ayaz:
1. The body at Elvis’s funeral was his body, it wasn’t a wax dummy. The embalming process gives the remains of all bodies a waxy look. Embalming is supposed to preserve but eventually the body decays down to the skeleton with the skin eventually becoming a waxy like substance.
2. Beads of sweat. This theory holds that because Elvis’s coffin weighed 900 pounds, it came equipped with an air conditioning unit which Elvis used while resting in the coffin fooling his fans. Holy vampires, Batman! Just another load of rubbish! The coffin was a custom made coffin, made of copper…a heavy metal which explained why it weighed 900 pounds. As for the “sweat,” that could’ve been some of the embalming fluids. The body and fluids are supposed to be preserved by being frozen but sometimes, the funeral home fails to sufficiently freeze the fluids, and some of it leaks. There have been several cases in the past few years of leaks happening and funeral homes facing legal issues because of improperly prepared bodies.
3. Elvis sightings. Like Bigfoot, Elvis was “seen” by many but no one had a camera to take a photo or video. Oh, there are doctored photos of Elvis claiming to represent an older Elvis but those photos can be easily traced to their source photo and subsequently discounted. There was one photo of “Elvis” shown riding a tricycle, yet the person in the photo looked more like Elvis’s stepbrother, Rick Stanley, than looking like Elvis. There has been no credible evidence since 1977 that proves Elvis is still among the living. Of course, maybe he is residing in some senior citizen Rock and Roll Assisted Living Center, having a good time with John Lennon and Jim Morrison and all the other rock stars who faked their deaths so they could live normal lives. Or maybe he took the aliens up on the offer for the intergalatic tour.