Comment on Elvis Presley Conspiracy Theories by angela.

Elvis was captured by some bad people for almost ten years who followed his every move. When they were done using him they made it look like he wasn’t taking care of himself and he died even tho they were the ones hurting him. Elvis said he was captured after the birth of his daughter Lisa Marie and they used her as leverage to get what they wanted him to do. The Memphis Mafia NEVER came out with the truth. They were after Elvis’ money for one thing. He was worth a lot of money and they have a direct roll as to running Graceland today. Priscilla did exactly what they wanted her to do and she should have let Graceland go under into bankruptcy. A lot of corruption all over. He was part of MK ULTRA mind control. His only child lives in England and that is not a coincidence it was planned by these bad people. The world is a stage. Elvis should have been on top of the world and he would have been if it wasn’t for them. And you thought it was all just in the movies? So did I. I wish it was. The real truth is there is some really bad people out there and they have a lot of citizens as their puppets. Sleeping agents they call them.