Comment on FreeMason Conspiracy Theories by Peter.

Hi I have this spirirt voice in my head telling me when he was alive he worked for USA secret services and was part of illumintin (freemason)he keeps telling me top secrets. Theres some secrets or lot that Icant even say here. This spirirt is still part of illuminati in the spirirt world but he wants the world to know everything. When I and Amy lee of evanescence were spirts say we were friends and my spirirt was jesus and amy lee was my wife, in that world, This spirirt made a deal with us that when we go to live he would contact us when we grow up and tell us everything about who controls and this is illuminati, this spirirt says he is fed up with them for a long time.Now that me and Amy lee grew up he told her some secrets and told her my name is peter, thats all he told her, These secrets tell us why they made Jesus and other profits so people can belief in some thing like heaven or hell there is no such thing or even GOD, HE says GFK , the 911, different assasination, bin ladden,and a lot more he told me but I need the right pearson to contact, He says Illuminati were planning before the pyramids One World Order , he says the ancient markings on bulding, money,buildings, and secrets in them were made from the the power above in spirit world which is illuminatin.. he says people who only knew half of the thing were assasinated, i know everything, i am not scared to die for what i know, but this spirit is screaming in my head to tell everything what I know, I want people to believe in something its a good thing,theres things like why the world is helping Israel, Blaiming IRAQ, they want to control the world even worst then communist, no freedome, only the people that are freemasons (illuminati) dont know any thing what I know, and I am giving you the information right here, My name is peterI live in CANADA my hotmail is (Moderator: no email addresses) ,, be carfull with this information, if you want more contact me as soon as possibel or Amy lee of evanescence..