Comment on Global Warming is a Hoax Conspiracy Theories by none of your business.

if the world is getting warmer, shouldnt man kind be rising to the occasion? think about it. if global warming is real, the government should be saying things that are good about it. say it is real and look at the positives
1. there would be more land for overpopulated areas (overpopulation solved)
2. there would be milder winters (less sickness)
3. longer summers allowing tourists to come. (more national income)
4. more fresh water to irrigate desert lands
5. more land to grow crops (food shortages solved)
6.more uv rays (they kill bacteria)
Do you think government will tell us those? no! they want more money. they are trying to make us afraid and guilty! they guilt to make us want to change it and they make us afraid enough to give up our freedoms and financial expenses for their stupid research.
“Global warming” is caused by the sun not mankind. think about this: they say driving a car can cause climate change! well does driving a car explain why mars neptune jupiter pluto and triton are experiencing warming up to? no! climate change. . . wait excuse me “global warming” is a natural process and has and always will occur.