Quick list of Government Conspiracy Theories, also see the Government Conspiracies Forum.

9/11 Planned by the US Government Conspiracies : 911 Conspiracy Forum
AIDS/HIV Virus is Man Made Conspiracies
Apollo Moon Landing Hoax : Moon Landing Forum
Global Warming Conspiracies
Iraq War was for Oil Conspiracies : Iraq War Conspiracy Forum
John F. Kennedy Assassination Conspiracies : JFK Forum
Marilyn Monroe Conspiracies
New World Order Conspiracies
Illuminati Conspiracies
FreeMason Conspiracies
Pearl Harbor Allowed to Occur Conspiracies
Philadelphia Experiment Conspiracies
Princess Diana Murdered by the Royal Family Conspiracies
UFO/Aliens at Roswell Conspiracies : Alien Conspiracy Forum
Water Fluoridation Conspiracies
Operation Northwoods Conspiracies
MK-ULTRA Conspiracies
North American Union Conspiracies
July 7 2005 London Tube Bombings Conspiracies
Black Helicopters Conspiracies
Peak Oil Conspiracies
CIA Conspiracies

Feel free to add your own and lets see if we can’t get to the bottom of a few Government Conspiracy Theories.