Comment on Government Conspiracy Theories by Lynn.

Has anyone noticed how so many things seem to be happening that force people to change their lifestyle, coincidentally the same changes that the government wants us to make? Take for example their big campaign on “turn down your thermostat, switch off your standbys” etc etc – is it a coincidence that within the past year or so, gas and electricity prices have rocketed, forcing people to – surprise surprise – switch things off, heat their homes less and generally cut their comsunption? Nobody is saving money, the utility companies are doubling their profits and the government has met its target. Or how about obesity – is it a coincidence that we were told non stop that people were eating too much and not exercising enough, yet within the past year food prices have risen dramatically, petrol prices have soared and people are being foced by sheer lack of money to, yes you’ve got it, buy less food and use less petrol. Or how about surveillance. Under the guise of the enti terrorism act, the government have put into place more surveillance on the UK population than in any other country on earth. Do you feel safer knowing that by using your oyster card, your travel movements can be monitored by the Government? How about your email and mobile phone call records being stored by government agencies? How will you feel when your bank has been nationalised and a government department has access to your spending habits? when you look at just a few of these things mentioned from an endless list of coincidences, you have to begin to question just how much of this is coincidental and how much is a sinister form of manipulation by the powers that be.