Comment on Government Conspiracy Theories by Janey.

Look on
My brother John-paul Lapham was murdered by a RCMP agent/informant. When I tried to uncover the poor cover up that not only they tried to cover up but also Barrie, Ont. City Police and the OPP they harrassed me so much but I will not be afraid of them any longer. The Fergus, Ont. OPP harrassed me so much and tried to arrest me for anything that they could, finally I was arressted and wrongfully jailed for three months. The charges were dropped but I lost my life- my children- house- everything (except for my faith) that is something that they will never take from me again. God rules over these cowards and he is in control not these monsters. The RCMP kept Corey Privitara AKA Patterson, Segato on the payrole shipped him out to New Brunswick where he killed again even though they knew that he was a murderer. Money hungery, wanting there big promotion and wanting to take down some big drug dealers was all that the RCMP and other authorities cared about, Not the publics safety. I am finally getting my life back together slowly. I’m out of jail, no longer homeless. My three children are seperated, one is in F&CS care. (that’s another cospiracy theorie.)
My email address is But nothing is new to me and nothing that the government does would shock me.