Comment on Government Conspiracy Theories by Shane.

Really What isnt a comspiracy The Government is corrupt its benn since the beginning. We Fight The British to get out there corrupt government back in the 1700’s just to make our own corrupt governemt. Why cant’ we just live in a freeworld where there is no borders so we can explore our lands freely, No Government,no police, no prisons,jails or courts because “EVERYBODY” in the world gets along, No More Violance, Freeworld Peace and Love. I might sounds like a 60’s hippie but im not I hate violance and all that crap the laws are getting worse In The US. The Gov. is WE THE PEOPLE we can change it if we want if we dont like someone is office we can get the out. JFK’s killing was gov. planned, 9/11 was gov planned just to scare us to follow there plans so the can make on WORLD GOVERNEMT, ONE WORLD CHURCH (Religion to worship SATAN, really wtf. Its All Corrupt.