Comment on Government Conspiracy Theories by jfb.

Love it or leave it, eh?

Well, guess what? I love my country, but I don’t always love the things my country (meaning either the government or the population at large) does. American exceptionalism doesn’t mean “we can *literally* do no wrong”.

I don’t buy into any of the bullshit conspiracy theories here, but that doesn’t mean the American federal and various state governments aren’t doing some frankly scary shit, from “papers, please” legislation to using Predator drones for domestic law enforcement. In case anyone hasn’t noticed, there is a strong nativist movement that, if unchecked, could send the US down the road to full-fledged fascism.

I’m not going to sit back quietly and let that happen. I love my country enough that I’m willing to speak out, to fight for change. The people in charge aren’t always right, and it is our duty as citizens to hold them accountable.

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