Comment on Government Conspiracy Theories by Monte Sauve.

Janey as one of your family members that has experienced the deciet and betrayal of the RCMP ! This type of activity by the RCMP and their agents is just a opportunistic pretex to slither around and purge you for your truthfullness !! By breaking you with other agencies under them ” gang stocking groups ” the RCMP and the secondary watch groups are just being told what to do ! These Watch groups are designed to stress you ,break you and harass you into mental illness … What this will do is give them a back door exit for their behavior and broken civil trust laws .. I your cousin have survived PROFUNC and for you unbelievers please watch ! ” Enamy of the State ” previewed by fifth estate ! My father your Uncle s best freind was Tim Buck head of the communist party of Canada ! That doesn’t raise any flags does it ! HA .. When I was 12 I found my sister inlaw hiding in the closet ! She wouldn’t come out ! Because she was being followed. Took her to the hospital and checked her in to the psych ward !! 6 months later, my mother was experiencing the same problem and we took her to the psych ward and she never recovered from the new illness ! To this day she is still on pills ! What I’m trying to say to you is ! Be strong ! I followed up on the newspaper article about your brother and the judges comments to the RCMP s agent ! The judge clearly states foul play on the paid RCMP s agent s behalf !!!!! Fowl play ” what else intreags me is why most of the witnesses died shortly their after !! You walk with your chin up ! If you need help let me know and do not let them subjugate you !
Your cousin monte