Comment on Government Conspiracy Theories by rose.

You are so right. It would b hard for one person alone to make the change. But lucky for us we are not alone!!! We need to Fight for what is right, and let the good rise to wash out all the lies..

(I was wondering if I was th only one who believed in a movement like this of our people!)

Fear will most likely destroy our destines, as well hindering any positive progression possible and its time to put all our beautiful, amazing minds and hearts together as one to restore the good in mankind and the environment!

& personally, Id rather die knowing that I tried to make a change for our future, rather thn dying knowing I didn’t even try to make any change!!!

Great minds think alike, and can move mountains if we just believe!!!
So, on that note; Wth are we waiting for??!!!!! Let’s make history with this and have true justice for all. Such A world of love, peace, and natural happiness is possible people!!!
# wake up, open Ur minds, and believe it