Comment on Government Conspiracy Theories by Heather.

“We only have a constitution today because the real patriots examined what was wrong with our country and tried to do something about it”

We have a constitution because we were FORMING our country and breaking away from another. They didn’t “try” to do something about it – they DID something about it.

Life would be so boring without those who conjur up so called conspiracies. I mean, they are interesting and quite humorous sometimes. Its not that those of us who don’t believe them aren’t opening our eyes – we have opened our eyes and examimed the REAL facts. Usually, most of these “truthseekers” have failed to examine the WHOLE story and only get their information from soundbytes and second hand news. Its really easy to find stuff to back up the outrageous claims when you are taking things out of context or bending the facts to suit your story.