Comment on High-frequency Active Auroral Research Program (HAARP) Conspiracy Theories by Jessejino.

Just because the mainstream media are more fixated on political issues like Weiner’s scandal, Casey Anthony trial, the race for presidential election and other Hollywood bullshit scandals, doesn’t mean that HAARP does not exist.

Here’s a good coverage that’ll either make you think you’re right that it is indeed a hoax or not!

It’s entertaining to say the least…watch here …

The dead fish floating, the dead birds falling off the sky are eery coincidences but it did got me thinkin’ — somebody’s messin’ up the environment.

Is this the weather modification Cohen was talkin’ about 20 some years ago?

Again, got me thinkin’!

JJ:>) ” I’m not an alarmist but I believed that an alarm can either wake you up from sleep and into reality.”