Comment on Illuminati Conspiracy Theories by jackz.

ok , so you think that just because there is a lot of talk about the new world order and the illuminati and the freemason, that automatically it is someone who has gone nuts???, look i believe that the 50’s era people would just think about themselves ans their future. but now this modern world might be going crazy, but you have to realize that america isn’t really a free country because if it were a free country would there be censored pages that are actually investigating everything that is going on behind the curtais of the white house, and i believe that 9/11 was a gov operation that was used as an excuse to go and attack other countries, why do you think that there were no people working in the surrounding fbi building that day?? or why is it that there were no attacks right after 9/11, is it because america the great is so powerful, that they got scared right away? and if it became a war why were there no other attempts, and just so you know i am Christian and i have my life together, if you really knew what you were talking about you would know that in revelations it prophesizes many of these events that we are seeing today. –