Comment on Iraq War on Terror or Oil Conspiracy? by ISAIAH 19.

A Drunken Well Fed Republicrat DC Whore rides Global G7-IMF BanKing Cartel Beast: War on Drugs? War on Terror? War on US Constitution? War on USDollar? War on Freedom? War on U by Elite Builders of the NWO USSA!

Fiat US Dollar soon bows to NWO IMF SuperCurrency in New 911 Created Crisis. USDollar has long had total hegemony in the OIL Trade Pit. USDollar Doomed?

ISAIAH 19: It’s All about the Flow of the $pOIL. Look on back of your paper $1. See the Pyramid? Illuminati Secret Societies Echelon (Masons) think their #1 Man will consolideate All the World’s Governments, Religiions, & Money under control, making them the CAPSTONE or HEAD of the GLOBAL SUPERSTATE at the End of All these fake fiat wars, but THE STONE THE BUILDERS REJECTED HAS BECOME THE CAPSTONE (JESUS). The Sign in the Heavens of HIS Coming is a living Stone called Nibiru, Nemesis, Planet X, or THE PLANET OF THE CROSSING which is on a 3600 year elliptical orbit. Nasa & NWO Scientists in Antarctica are traking the huge object accelerating towards US now with the South Pole Telescope (SPT), and know they have very little time before 2012 to accomplish their doomed plans, before the Real King of Kings takes His Rightful place as the CAPSTONE.

Novus Ordo Seclorum: New World Order (Godless Secular). They create chaos & confusion, then offer their Solution: More centralized control leading towards ONE GLOBAL GOVERNMENT SUPERSTATE: E Pluribus Unum? Out of Many (nations) ONE. Out of (their created) Global Chaos will emerge a NEW WORLD ODOR!! That’s what all the Republicrats are working on feverishly. There are only a few patriots left that believe in the US Constitution. The rest are treasoners.

ISAIAH 19: The Flow of SpOIL will be turned Away from afar. US is now Spiritual Egypt. Our cruel Pharaoh of this Obananation sent here from Krypton (or Kenya) by his father to save the planet from too many people living is in DC Right Now. He will not end the wars, but escalate the for the same masters of the Bushes. The REEDS (Egypt’s Paper or Papyrus) and everything that is sown by the streams and brooks (of SpOIL) will wither, including our PAPER FEDERAL RESERVE NOTES, which are completely UNconstitutional anyway. The US Constitution says that only Gold & Silver are “money”, but never mind that constitution. Obey the New Masters of the NWO withoout questioning their authority, or die.

REVELATIONS: About the Whore… Come out of her my people, so you do not partake in the plagues and judgments that are coming upon her, for her sins are a stench in the nose of the Almighty, and her time for jugdgment is nigh. The signs of the coming of the true Almighty Lord and God are all around US today…

MATTHEW 24: War on Drugs, War on Terror, War on USDollar, War on USConstitution, War on Truth, War on Iran, War on Everything, War on YOU!! Wake up America before it’s too late… Martial Law and the suspension of All US Constitutional “RIGHTS” is coming to a neighborhood near YOU!!