Comment on Iraq War on Terror or Oil Conspiracy? by Anil Machado.

Saddam was once an important customer of USA, but Kuwait had always more oil than any other nation. The invasion of Kuwait by Iraq was a well maneuvered deliberate conspiracy, Iraq was forced by the NOW bosses to take such steps. Thereafter, a counter move to attack Iraq by the Allied forces, by which the power of Saddam in Middle east & Asia becomes weaker. However, Saddam was eliminated and his entire regime. This gained the US a major control on oil reserves in much of the Middle East. Now even Kuwait bows down to US favors and turns everything to west. This tactic was like a double edged sword the monetary and oil capital of Kuwait in US hands and the Iraqi natural resources in US hand. Further, the fear of $ getting replaced by the euro on oil per barrel is also ruled out. If the oil prices haven’t come down in spite control of oil wells in Iraq , who cares. The NOW bosses have also provoked a new war in Middle East and the same insurgents are now the latest customers to buy those weapons. The US has gained a major strategic control of the governments, resources, land, sea , ports , infrastructure, road construction, banks and most of the business centre’s in Mideast after the Gulf war. The Sheikdoms have become more dependants on US at present. Now by talking about Iran and creating a fear of Iran in the Gulf region , the US is continuing a sustained impact and dependence of the Arab states on US. No matter what picture the world sees the control of that picture viewing (Media ) is always in the hands of the NWO. We all have to hope that how long this Iran element will be continued as a fear in Gulf states until some other war crops up.