Comment on Iraq War on Terror or Oil Conspiracy? by Pannorm.

The reason the oil prices didn’t go down is because the amount of oil we are going to get is way past it’s peak. Which means, that no matter how much money you throw at it, you are not going to get any more oil! Did you know that oil costs about seven dollars a gallon in Europe? It’s because France isn’t attacking some random country in the middle east to get it’s oil. It’s not because of the 9/11 attacks either. Eleven days after the attacks, they started planning a war in Iraq, way before they had any real proof that Saddam Housain had ANYTHING to do with that in the first place! Which obviously, he didn’t. We’re never going to get out of Iraq. We built a military base there the size of Vatican city. That’s not a temporary thing. And how many people have actually died fighting? How many THOUSANDS of random Iraqi civilians been killed? Civilians! If there isn’t chaos in Baghdad, I don’t know what is. I started rambling, I know. But how bout you get off your ass and walk to Walmart where you get all of your oil made product, your oil made food. And when all that oil’s gone because we used it all, I hope you die in the Anarchy.