Comment on Iraq War on Terror or Oil Conspiracy? by Momina.

Right.. so you want to destroy another country’s resources to lower oil prices in ur own country? Really? HOW CAN U EVEN THINK THAT WAY? Would it be okay if another country invades YOUR country and steals their resources to the point where you’re left with nothing? Yeah thats justice!
Why did the US invade Iraq? Do u even know? They had reports that Iraq possessed Weapons of Mass Destruction. They had no right to invade in the first place. Didnt America itself start the nuclear era? Do u even know ur history? -,- Hiroshima and Nagasaki CHANGED the world. The US invaded, hanged THEIR leader trying to free the country of dictatorship. What a display of human rights.. then why did the iraqi ppl hate it? Around 103,013 – 112,571 civilians died. CIVILIANS! That word has a meaning! And according to wikileaks, an addition of 15,000 civilians deaths was there. You dont kill civilians in a war, dont u know?
The war was unjustified. According to a January 2007 BBC World Service polls, 73% of the global population disapproved of U.S. handling of the Iraq War.
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America found no evidences of the presence of weapons of mass destruction. So many lives lost because of a false report. Bush was a great man indeed -.-
Iraqs oil resources were too exploited, oil tanks being set on fire, schools and houses bombed and what not. They did not fight terror, they multiplied it! This is the reason why hatred for america will never end. Oil was taken to america, there can not be another explanation.