Comment on Iraq War on Terror or Oil Conspiracy? by Wacky Conservative.

If the war was about oil, how come it keeps breaking records on a dollar basis per barrel? If the war was about oil, how come gas prices are the highest ever when taking inflation into account.

No, this is more about a Democratic controlled congress who promised that they would do something about high oil and gas prices, but instead has chosen to deny appointments to the bench, brought up talk of impeachment over and over and over again for false charges, and ‘investigated’ or held hearings to figure out why oil/gas is so high.

Drill here, drill now, pay less. Build more nuclear power plants, build more oil refineries, relax the crazy envrionmental laws the prevent any kind of investment in our infrastructure. And, elect Republicans, as they are the only ones who will really get anything done. Think the Democrats are going to talk about high oil/gas prices between now and the election? no, because they know that would be political suicide. Let’s face it the Democrats own ‘high prices’. Blame the oil companies for high prices? Oh yeah, they get 9 cents per gallon of gas, taxes make up 40-50 cents per gallon of gas depending on the state.

But what do I know, I’m just a wacky conservative.