Comment on Iraq War on Terror or Oil Conspiracy? by save the world vote out a liberal.


Get a grip buddy boy. CONGRESS has the real power in government with the power of the purse strings and the power to create laws. If they can’t do anything with that power – don’t try and blame W. Just ’cause you hate a person as well as HATE our country – let’s use a little rationale and logic here. I have yet to meet a Democrat that can do either, but lets give it a try.

Oil companies – not sure why you hate them so, they provide a whole lot of products for a whole lot of people. And how much did they spend to make that profit (which is about 7% profit margin). NOW let’s look at Google – they make about 80% profit margin – why don’t you bitch about them??? OH right you were educated in a government school and don’t have the capacity for logical thought. Fair enough.

And for a corrupt government, you really should dig for the truth about the clinton’s – that is the greatest example of a corrupt adminastration. OH Right again, you are a liberal/fascist/pink-o-commnie/progressive liberal and can’t think for yourself.