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Last 4 comments are interesting.

Comments from a person who hasn’t already made a comment that’s gone through moderation is automatically held for moderation. It’s to limit SPAM comments getting through, once a commenter has made a post all their posts get through (if they then SPAM I ban them).

Since Clarice is a new commenter all his/her comments were held for moderation.

Despite this another new commenter apparently received the Clarice posts and responded in a threatening manner before I’d moderated them.

This threatening comment from Ellie was also held for moderation, despite this Clarice apparently read and responded to it prior to me moderating any of these comments!

I feel the beginnings of a conspiracy.

Add to this the two posters are using the same IP I think we can see this is one person trying to be funny.

What’s really funny is the person is using a UK council Internet connection, specifically Hampshire County Council. That could be a public library connection, then again could also be someone who works for Hampshire County Council who is bored at work.

BTW your “i see you have deleted my comment” comment didn’t work correctly because WordPress (CMS used to run this site) deletes multiple carriage returns before posting a comment, so the joke doesn’t make any sense to readers.

Thank you very much for the laugh though.

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Wake up and open your eyes you mindless zombies

Yep, those are the ways conspiracists get you to believe in conspiracy theories without presenting real evidence.

I own this website, find an article (not a comment) where any of those techniques are used.

Now wake up and open your eyes you …


You mean the not so smiley face :-))

They are random Gravatars, if you want to set a Gravatar registar your email address at and the image you upload will be used. …

9/11 Conspiracy Theories Make NO Sense

To the 9/11 conspiracists, if 9/11 was a US government conspiracy and not ‘independent’ Al Qaeda terrorists, what about the bombings of embassies etc… attributed to Al Qaeda : ?

Seems a bit self defeating to setup a government conspiracy …

Is It an Osama Bin Laden Conspiracy or An Obama Conspiracy Theory?

Aaron you keep posting very similar comments that are obviously a rewrite of your other comments.

As the owner and moderator of this site I hate to delete comments, but posting the same info over and over again is not helpful. …

Conspiracy theories forum working now

There was a database problem with the Conspiracy forum software (PHPBB). Moved hosts recently and looks like the setup wasn’t the same, was stopping new topics from being posted.

Applied a fix and tested it, so should work fine now.

David …