Comment on Marilyn Monroe Conspiracy Theories by To remail anonymous.


I wouldn`t describe myself as a fan of Marilyn Monroe in the strict sense of the word, but I can appreciate her unique acting style and her star persona which stood out from the more orthodox stars of the day and most certainly created an enigmatic aura around her.
I can also appreciate her frustration at not being offered more “meaty” roles, however I can see the probable viewpoint of the studios insofar as they have to satisfy shareholders by turning a profit on each project and so their inclination is to play safe by casting the most suitable actor for each role. It would after all be a brave Casting Director who would take the chance of casting an actor outside that actors established parameters. Now this could easily be construed as artistically stifling, however, the motion picture industry is not about pure artistic endeavour, it is more about an industry that incorporates art.
A cardinal rule is…..Turn up on time and know your lines, something it is alleged Marilyn Monroe was not exactly good at doing. A little further down the page I will address the reasons for this in my own opinion, however, I can see how such behaviour would not exactly endear her to the production team and consequently the “powers that be” within the studio. The ramification of such behaviour would most likely also impact adversely on her desire to be taken more seriously.

It is plainly obvious that a lot of speculation exists about the circumstances of her death based on both information and disinformation, the disinformation I presume emanating in the most part from those who had an interest in fogging and confusing the issue as much as possible. There is also an apparent plethora of misinformation which doesn`t exactly help either.
I would think anyone who has taken the trouble to read of the circumstances and events surrounding her death would conclude at the very least that it was suspicious and my own view is that the weight of evidence points to murder by the hand of person or persons unknown.
Considering the amount of contradictory evidence it is all but impossible to narrow down the suspects definitively but that same weight of evidence does seem to point in the direction of a political will to see Marilyn Monroe silenced permanently.

The only observation I can add to the general mix with any certainty at all is my conviction that she suffered from Bipolar Disorder and the reason I can say this with conviction is because I have a mild form of it myself. I therefore struggle with the logic behind the apparent treatment metered out by a doctor or doctors who only appear to have addressed the insomnia aspect of her disorder by prescribing Pentobarbital (Nembutal) whilst at the same time apparently ignoring the infinitely more important issue of stabilising the condition itself which would have had the effect of reducing if not completely eradicating the insomnia aspect of her disorder…..A classic case of dealing with the effect instead of the cause !
Pentobarbital as a barbiturate has a not inconsiderable addictive aspect and should therefore not be taken or administered over a prolonged period, yet a doctor or doctors deemed it perfectly reasonable in the face of this clear knowledge to do just that, with the predictable consequence that over time Marilyn Monroe became dependant upon Nembutal and this dependence would without doubt lead to her inability to function normally on a day to day basis.
The incidence of addictive tendency is also much higher than the norm amongst those who have Bipolar Disorder and this fact is bound to have been known then as now.
In like manner the incidence of Bipolar Disorder amongst those of us involved in the performing arts is evidentially also higher than one might find in other industries, and this quite explicable by the inherent nature and qualities needed to satisfy the demands of the job. It may also explain the fragile personalities displayed by many involved in the performing arts and evidenced by the number of “doctors of the mind” practicing in and around tinsel town.

It is within my understanding that the only way to administer with certainty a lethal dose of Pentobarbital would be by enema (which much evidence appears to support in this case) because the ingestion of Pentobarbital at a level sufficient to prove fatal could well precipitate vomiting which might then reduce the administered dose to a less than lethal level. It is reasonable to presume this fact was never privy to only the medical profession, however, it does imply a sinister working knowledge of the drug way beyond its intended dosage by whoever administered the fatal dose on that night.

I wonder how many upon hearing the news that John Kennedy had been assassinated might have thought, “Remember Marilyn Monroe”.
Equally, I wonder how many upon hearing the news that Robert Kennedy had been assassinated might have thought something very similar !
On parallel theme, I wonder how many people still alive today who had a direct hand in the murder of Marilyn Monroe or were complicit to the murder have lived with that knowledge by convincing themselves that they did their patriotic duty !