Comment on Martin Luther King, Jr. Assassination Conspiracy Theories by glen hosemans.

I am not sure whether what i have to say is important but i have some very vivid memories as a 16 year old in Springvale sth, Victoria Australia. A good friend of mine told me about an abandoned house not far from where i lived, a house that was fully furnished from the era of the 1960’s, and left totally abandoned with food in the cupboard, american uniforms in the cupboard and many many references to martin luther king, diary which a friend read and lost, The house was left unoccupied for many years untill someone broke in and told us about it, which as kids we had to check it out, It was as if the occupant just dissappeared and left everything, car in Garage groceries in the cupboard dating back to close to when i nwas born, around 1970, THe person in the diary explained by a fiend was extremely troubled. We had all asked ourselves at the time what is an American serviceman doing living in springvale, A person who was patriotic from the posters in the house? Why was everything left as if he was to come back any minute, the car in garage mainly american uniforms hardly any civies, WE all came to the conclusion this person was hiding out and had gone missing many years before and left everything, this was the first time i had even heard of Martin Luther King and i am sure this guy was obsessed by him. Springvale was a very quiet suburb where most people knew each other and for an American to be living amonst us would have stood out, too many Questions we could not answer, i have never checked but i’m sure council records could identify this person.