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Yes lovely free masons. Rotary or lions clubs. Business clubs, organizations. I tried to enter a free-masonic lodge I discover, but too burly ex-servicemen stood their ground and said you can’t come in here son!” I joked, “oh i thought there was a movie going on inside, as the doors were open and long black drapes covered the entrance. these guys were old, but I believe they would have manhandled me, without hesitation, without a doubt.
You can’t enter or join a free-masonic lodge UNLESS invited by a member.
You must kiss one of 5 holy books. This is a sign of blasphemy. Ant-GOD. Mention of GOD or Jesus is not allowed in these groups.
These groups involve themselves i charities as a front, as they are always out to recruit new members. Only the highest in these orders make money, and know all the secrets. You can start off as an initiate,and be spoon fed the promise of riches and secrets, if you donate more money etc. You never get higher than those hogging all the money.
I have been sent letters and emails stating I’ve been chosen to become one of “The Brotherhood.” In order to get rich etc. Yeah right…for $US3000.00 upfront.. No thanks.

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Socialism bah!

You call socialism as equalizing the wealth to all levels…Be nice if it was like that…but it isn’t! Many Democratic nations, or Governments are masquerading as Democratic, but are really pushing Socialist ideals. So you could call them Demo-socialists.
Read Engels,and …

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freemasons vs Illuminati

Maybe there is a difference between the two? Maybe, just maybe the free masons are the good guys, and the Illuminati are the a holes?
See most Presidents etc are supposedly Illuminati or Satanic cult members. And do all that evil …

ok I MAY see it in a different light now!

Simply put –
“Those who live it – Know it!”

Maybe there is one group telling us all that it’s evil etc, giving us bits and pieces to throw us off, or keep us dumb or think we know the truth…when we …

JFK KFC ABC ? Who knows?

JFK stopped the Cuban crisis.The Cubans had made Nuclear missiles, and wanted WW3.So did the CIA. The Russians were sending a ship load of nuclear Missiles warheads to Castro and Cuba. JFK had the boat boarded and redirected. He prevented …


I read the history of the assassination of Ferdinad on Wikipedia. It states that
a group called the BLACK HAND were responsible. There were like 5 of them, one supposedly a Muslim. Had a Arab name anyway. They were Bosnians,who wanted …

No questioning GOD! Phooey!

GOD wants us to ask him things! Ask him for forgiveness, salvation, his mercy and grace.He wants us to ask him questions. To question his word, words.
Yahushua (Jesus) tells us in the new testament, the word of GOD, or the …