Comment on New World Order Conspiracy Theories by Conrad.

Such a huge amount of rubbish! Nobody ever asks for $3,000 upfront; well actually nobody EVER asks for $3,000 to anybody to become a Freemason. I am one, and I can tell you that we are careful in assessing if a candidate is right. We need and want to attract honourable people, with high moral standard, and in search of truth and charity.

One certainly cannot know all the secrets immediately, simply because there is a path to follow which is highly educational and utterly interesting both intellectual- and spiritual-wise. And there is nothing satanic or dark: it’s a path to enlightement, NOT a path towards evil!
No religion is involved, one to be a Freemason is supposed to believe in a Supreme being – but there is no interest in what one’s religion exactly is. Some Grand Lodges (like France) even accepts atheists actually.

We Freemasons read such attacks and conspiracy theories quite a bit, usually spread by total ignorants on Freemasonry. We are accustomed to it; but still, from time to time, even a patient Freemason can get seriously annoyed.
So would you kindly shut up and get first hand information – this for the benefit of honesty and truth. Thank you.